Stretch your time – Future Me 2016


  • We spend the most part of our lives working. With that amount of mental energy and time devoted to our professional lives, we need to create the right mind set and adopt the right strategies to not only cope with, but also thrive at the workplace. The right mentality and approach can make all the difference to our work performance, achievements and satisfaction.
  • The main challenge which people face is too much commitment and too little time.  People need to channel their time and energy to the most productive tasks. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the Eisenhower box. A simple decision-making tool to help us be more productive.
  • We should use 2 main criteria to classify the tasks and activities at hand – 1) Whether it is urgent 2) Whether it is important. We should prioritize the tasks which are more urgent and more important first, and the tasks which are least urgent and least important last. Our talk will mostly address this model.

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