Right Place, Right Time – Chinese Fintech


There is probably no country in the world as advanced in FinTech as China. From WePay to QR code payments to new modes of credit scoring, Chinese entrepreneurs and financial institutions have changed the way companies use technology. Join our panel of fintech experts as they break down some of the major trends in Chinese FinTech.

Moderated by: Anson Zeall, Co-Founder, ACCESS

–          Igor Pesin, Investment Partner, Life.SREDA

–          Varun Mittal, Regional Head – Operations & Merchant Product, Hellopay

–          Wenjian Huang, PPmoney

–          Joe Cho, CEO, Marvelstone Group

Key topics discussed in the panel were following –

  1. How China Uses Fintech
    1. Describe some consumer use cases
    2. Describe some enterprise use cases
    3. Describe cross border use cases
  2. Where are the hotspots for Fintech startups and why are they based there?
  3. Why has it evolved differently from China
    1. Mass adoption of Smartphones, was this a main driver?
  4. How can the outside world learn from China in this space?
    1. Vice versa i.e. how can China learn from the outside world?
  5. What are the challenges?
    1. Regulatory, Adoption, Scaling, Global Integration?
  6. What does the future hold for China fintech?



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