Right Place, Right Time – Chinese Fintech


There is probably no country in the world as advanced in FinTech as China. From WePay to QR code payments to new modes of credit scoring, Chinese entrepreneurs and financial institutions have changed the way companies use technology. Join our panel of fintech experts as they break down some of the major trends in Chinese FinTech.

Moderated by: Anson Zeall, Co-Founder, ACCESS

–          Igor Pesin, Investment Partner, Life.SREDA

–          Varun Mittal, Regional Head – Operations & Merchant Product, Hellopay

–          Wenjian Huang, PPmoney

–          Joe Cho, CEO, Marvelstone Group

Key topics discussed in the panel were following –

  1. How China Uses Fintech
    1. Describe some consumer use cases
    2. Describe some enterprise use cases
    3. Describe cross border use cases
  2. Where are the hotspots for Fintech startups and why are they based there?
  3. Why has it evolved differently from China
    1. Mass adoption of Smartphones, was this a main driver?
  4. How can the outside world learn from China in this space?
    1. Vice versa i.e. how can China learn from the outside world?
  5. What are the challenges?
    1. Regulatory, Adoption, Scaling, Global Integration?
  6. What does the future hold for China fintech?



New Economy Business Models – Making Money in New Ways


As the economy is progressing towards models in which companies don’t own assets and focus on services. Alibaba doesn’t own the goods it sells, Facebook doesn’t own the content it shares and Airbnb doesn’t own the houses it rents. A lot of startups have followed them by creating opportunities in segments which never existed before. The session focuses on analysis of some of these new players.

Panel – How Do You Drive Further Adoption of Mobile Wallet Application in Asia


Event – 4th Annual Mobile Wallet Conference

Date – 26-29 September

Place – Jakarta, Indonesia

Panel Discussion: How Do You Drive Further Adoption of Mobile Wallet Application in Asia?

  • Identifying past, present and future ecosystem of mobile wallet
    • Where do banks, Telco, merchants, payment processors and others stand now?
    • Role of Bitcoin and disruptive technologies in mobile wallet
  • Overcoming risk and challenges of mobile wallet adoption
    • Regulatory constraints
    • Intense competition
    • Consumer acceptance
    • Increasing market share
  • What is the real driver behind getting a mobile wallet strategy?
  • How to balance innovation, customer engagement and satisfaction?
  • What’s the future of Mobile Wallet in Asia Pacific?

Jun Won Jerry Choi, Director, Business Development, American Express, South Korea

Richard Oh, Head of Payments, Asia, PayPal, Singapore
Shubhrendu Khoche, VP, Senior Business Leader: Enterprise Partnerships, MasterCard, Singapore
Varun Mittal, Group Head, Partnership and Marketing, helloPay, Singapore
Amit Lakhotia, Vice President – Business, Tokopedia, Indonesia


Fintech 101 – IDA codeXtremeApps

Humbling experience to share Fintech 101 with 70 Polytechnic and High School students at OCBC Open Vault with Altona Widjaja

Key topics discussed with student about Fintech were –

–  Concepts relevant to Fintech

–  What makes it hype? What makes it real?

–  How can you make a difference


Exploring the future developments in customer experience


Customer Experience in Financial Services: Asia Pacific 2016

Venue – 7th & 8th June, Suntec, Singapore

Exploring the future developments in customer experience

  • FinTech: exploring the challenges and opportunities
  • Aggregators: how to differentiate on CX in a premium price war
  • Will current metrics be a satisfactory measure of customer experience in the digital age?
  • How will regulators affect customer experience in the future?
  • Millennials: how will their needs change the face of experience?
  • Sensors and the rise of wearables
  • Social media and its developing role in customer experience

Moderator – Iqbal Singh, Managing Director, Citibank


  • Wendy Lee, Director, Digital Solutions, Ageas
  • Marnix Zwart, Senior Vice President – Product & Business Development, GoBear
  • Varun Mittal, Group Head, Hellopay Partnership & Marketing, Alibaba Lazada

Emerging Markets: How Mobility Is Dealing With The Unbanked Community

nus-innovest-2016Panel Title: Emerging Markets: How Mobility Is Dealing With The Unbanked Community
Date: 18th May,
Location: The Singtel Innov8 FinTech Forum Stage, Innovest Unbound
Moderated by: Varun Mittal, Group Head Partnerships and Marketing, helloPay

  1. Anthony Thomas, COO, Mynt
  2. Joo Wong, Venture Partner, Vickers Venture Partner
  3. Gina Heng, CEO, Marvelstone

Career Crossroads: Startup versus Corporate – INSEAD


Theme – Career Crossroads: Startup versus Corporate

Venue – INSEAD

Host – Entrepreneurship Cell, INSEAD

Moderator – ESTRELLA Carlos, INSEAD Student


  • Varun Mittal, Group Head, Partnerships and Marketing
  • Henry Chan, Head of Business Development, ShopBack.com
  • Qiuyun Song, Head of Corporate Finance


Stretch your time – Future Me 2016


  • We spend the most part of our lives working. With that amount of mental energy and time devoted to our professional lives, we need to create the right mind set and adopt the right strategies to not only cope with, but also thrive at the workplace. The right mentality and approach can make all the difference to our work performance, achievements and satisfaction.
  • The main challenge which people face is too much commitment and too little time.  People need to channel their time and energy to the most productive tasks. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the Eisenhower box. A simple decision-making tool to help us be more productive.
  • We should use 2 main criteria to classify the tasks and activities at hand – 1) Whether it is urgent 2) Whether it is important. We should prioritize the tasks which are more urgent and more important first, and the tasks which are least urgent and least important last. Our talk will mostly address this model.

Event – http://www.futureme.sg/


Mobile Commerce and Cashless Transaction – Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2016


Event -8th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2016

Venue – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date – 15-16 March, 2016


Keynote – Effective marketing in mobile and digital commerce

Monetization has multiple faces in emerging markets – missed calls, login screen, free data package, exclusive content access, etc. This module shares some of the best case studies from different markets in ASEAN.


Panel Topic - Asia Markets Call for New Collaboration, Synergy and Interoperability to Achieve Business Success

Moderator - Varun Mittal


Vered Konijnendijk, Head of Strategy & Business Sustainability, Wave Money (JV of Telenor and Yoma Bank)

Ammara Najam, Segment Manager for International Remittance, Mobilink

Josh Jang, Head of Strategic Projects, TUNE


Panel Topic - Win in Mobile Shopping and Cashless Transaction: Future Behavior, Business Model and Technology

S.M Zahadul Arafin, Deputy General Manager & Head of B2B, Mobile Financial Services, Grameenphone

Varun Mittal, Group Head, Partnership and Marketing, helloPay SEA / Lazada

Ranaweera A Siripala, Chief Manager, Technology, Bank of Ceylon

Mervyn Chua, Head of Mobile Marketing, Zalora Group