Stretch your time – Future Me 2016


  • We spend the most part of our lives working. With that amount of mental energy and time devoted to our professional lives, we need to create the right mind set and adopt the right strategies to not only cope with, but also thrive at the workplace. The right mentality and approach can make all the difference to our work performance, achievements and satisfaction.
  • The main challenge which people face is too much commitment and too little time.  People need to channel their time and energy to the most productive tasks. One of the best ways to achieve this is through the Eisenhower box. A simple decision-making tool to help us be more productive.
  • We should use 2 main criteria to classify the tasks and activities at hand – 1) Whether it is urgent 2) Whether it is important. We should prioritize the tasks which are more urgent and more important first, and the tasks which are least urgent and least important last. Our talk will mostly address this model.

Event –



Mobile Commerce and Cashless Transaction – Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2016


Event -8th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2016

Venue – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date – 15-16 March, 2016


Keynote – Effective marketing in mobile and digital commerce

Monetization has multiple faces in emerging markets – missed calls, login screen, free data package, exclusive content access, etc. This module shares some of the best case studies from different markets in ASEAN.


Panel Topic - Asia Markets Call for New Collaboration, Synergy and Interoperability to Achieve Business Success

Moderator - Varun Mittal


Vered Konijnendijk, Head of Strategy & Business Sustainability, Wave Money (JV of Telenor and Yoma Bank)

Ammara Najam, Segment Manager for International Remittance, Mobilink

Josh Jang, Head of Strategic Projects, TUNE


Panel Topic - Win in Mobile Shopping and Cashless Transaction: Future Behavior, Business Model and Technology

S.M Zahadul Arafin, Deputy General Manager & Head of B2B, Mobile Financial Services, Grameenphone

Varun Mittal, Group Head, Partnership and Marketing, helloPay SEA / Lazada

Ranaweera A Siripala, Chief Manager, Technology, Bank of Ceylon

Mervyn Chua, Head of Mobile Marketing, Zalora Group


MCSA 2016 – Merchant acquisition and partnership building in mobile and digital commerce

summary-workshop-mcsaEvent -8th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2016

Venue – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date – 15-16 March, 2016


The module explores the motivations for firms to compete and alternatives to competition – coopetition and alliances. It demonstrates how to acquire social capital and achieve win-win deal for all stakeholders



Focus on product, let API’s do the talking – Product Camp Singapore


Conducted a workshop for 20 aspiring product manager on developing a scalable and cost effective architecture while utlilizing third party API services for range of use cases like analytics, communication (Email, SMS, push-notification, in-app notification, browser push), location, social, etc

More can be found about activities of Product Camp Singapore here.


Fragmentation of Media #burnthebox – SPH Plug and Play


SPH Plug and Play held their very first #BurnTheBox session on the 4th of February. The event was a huge success and saw a great turnout of over 70 aspiring entrepreneurs.

#BurnTheBox was organized by the SPH Plug and Play team, and was aimed at mature or seed funding stage start-ups. The term “Burn the box” is a reference that in the current context of constant change within the media space, the “box” refers to the comfort zone that no longer exist. Owners of start-ups should foray beyond the box when coming up with new creative ideas and business solutions.

Moderator –  Varun Mittal


  • Mohan Belani, Co-founder and CEO for e27
  • Damien Cummings, Global Head of Digital Marketing for Standard Chartered
  • Geoff Tan, SVP and Head of Strategic Marketing for Singapore Press Holdings.

Detailed coverage of the event can be found here
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Payments of the Future – Innovest Unbound 2015



A wave of innovation is driving a dramatic shift in the way we make payments. While strong growth has returned to the payments industry, disruptive forces will continue to reshape the competitive landscape. This panel will explore theme’s including the continuing digital transformation of merchant payments, the shift in power from data accumulation to data insights and applications & the advent of non-card real-time payments.

Moderator – Dusan Stojanovic, Founder, True Global Ventures


  • Matthew Driver,  President, South East Asia, MasterCard
  • Shailesh Naik, CEO , MatchMove Pay
  • Ron Hose, Co-founder and CEO ,
  • Varun Mittal, Payments Lead, Samsung

Can software make hardware irrelevant for Phones like Game Consoles

When people buy consoles, they are not looking at the size of console, ram and other such physical attributes. However when people buy smartphones, they are looking at the configurations – Screen Size, processor, etc

What is that console platforms have achieved and smartphone OEM’s have not been able to accomplish to scale yet ?

I thought of a few reasons why console manufacturers were able to make hardware specifications –

  1. Exclusive 3A Titles – Studios & Partners who created content which made them the focal point instead of underlying hardware.
  2. In House Titles – Platforms owners either started as content developer themselves or acquired some key players to boost their capabilities.
  3. Network effects – Exclusive communities wherein people would buy consoles just to be able to play multiplayer games with their friends.
  4. Device Portfolio – Wii, Kinect and such devices when sold at add-ons to the consoles added much more muscle to the capabilities

The next article in this series will explore the efforts of smartphone companies to emulate the Gaming Console Success Toolkit.

MRMW 2015 – MR in a hyper-connected world – The potential, risks and challenges of IoT

  • mrmw-summaryCapitalizing on real-time ‘conversations’ with consumers, gain meaningful insights and successfully adapt and improve corporate strategies
  • Managing the massive amounts of data and deploy strategies to efficiently utilise the information available
  • Facing the new regulatory challenges that the IoT promise is bringing along for consumers, corporations and individual researcher


Varun Mittal


  • Roydon, Xie Senior Consumer and Market Insight Manager, Tencent
  • Ari Fadyl, Head of Digital, AXA
  • Kelvin Kim, Co-Founder &CEO, IDINCU